Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day 2018

  27/04/2018 posted by KamilKamil

Madonna participated in a Record Store Day on April 21st, 2018 for the third time. Two titles were released: The First Album - replica of original Japanese picture disc, and You Can Dance on red vinyl - repressed for the first time since the original release. Both pressed by Optimal Media GmbH Germany. Run-out-grooves details:

The First Album: 

Side A: BH08435 01A1 0603497862238 R1-150002-A

Side B: BH08435 01B1 0603497862238 R1-150002-B Mastered by Capitol

You Can Dance:

Side A: BH10058-01 A1 0603497862245 R1-565848-A Mastered by Capitol

Side B: BH10058-01 B1 0603497862245 R1-565848-B

There is only one release for The First Album and two for You Can Dance [EU version with cat. number 603497862245 on sticker, spine and under bar code; US version with cat. number R1 565848 on sticker, spine and under bar code]. But you need to know that both You Can Dance releases are the same pressings made by Optimal Media, mastered by Ian Sefchick (Capitol Studios).