Some EU releases re-pressed

Some EU releases re-pressed

  25/07/2018 posted by KamilKamil

Re-pressed editions of some CD-albums are available in EU music stores:

Ray Of Light

  • CD-hole: W (Warner logo) 936246847-2.3 V01 BZQ
  • inside of booklet: Made in USA 9 46847-2
  • last page of booklet: 9362-46847-2

Confessions On A Dance Floor

  • CD-hole: W (Warner logo) 936249460-2.2 V01
  • print on CD without inner clear ring


  • CD-hole: W (Warner logo) 936248000-2.2 V01 GOC
  • white sticker info on front plastic case

We want to remind you about 2018 CD-pressing of The Immaculate Collection.