Erotica white vinyl and Music blue vinyl

Erotica white vinyl and Music blue vinyl

  04/09/2018 posted by KamilKamil

According to Discotecalaziale, which is Italian store, Erotica [0081227924010] will be released on white double vinyl and Music [0081227924034] will be released on single blue vinyl on October 19th, 2018 by Rhino

Both were re-released previously in 2016 by Rhino in USA on black vinyl.

Here you find the complete list of all Erotica vinyl releases [click here], and Music vinyl releases [click here].

Picture re-created from fan-made pictures taken from Madonnation.


Maciekadded 2 weeks ago

Aaron Danna - you can purchase them on-line on Italian Store Discotecalaziale. I am sure these LPs will be available at other EU stores soon.

Aaron Danna

Aaron Dannaadded 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know where to purchase them?