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Quavo featuring Cardi B and Madonna


Madonna can be heared in a new song by Quavo - Champagne Rose - which is a colaboration between Quavo, Cardi B and Madonna.  Songs is available on Quavo Huncho album released on October 12, 2018 by Quality Control Music. Madonna is credited as one of co-writers of this song with Quavious Marshall,...

Ray Of Light on Clear Vinyl


Ray Of Light will be re-released by Rhino on special double clear vinyl on November 23rd during Black Friday this year! Ray Of Light was previously released on double black vinyl in US (2016) and double blue vinyl as Sainsbury’s exclusive in UK (2017), which was later available outside the UK. Blac...

The Immaculate Collection on Black Vinyl in US


The Immaculate Collection 2LPs with new sticker is out now in US. This is the same edition which was sold at Barnes & Noble in July 2018 but there is a new sticker info with new catalog number RB1-26440. Barcode on back cover is without any additional sticker: 603497859344 (previously Barnes & Nobl...

Erotica and Music on Coloured Vinyl


According to Discotecalaziale, which is Italian store, Erotica [0081227924010] will be released on white double vinyl and Music [0081227924034] will be released on single blue vinyl on October 19th, 2018 by Rhino.  Both were re-released previously in 2016 by Rhino in USA on black vinyl. Here you...

Some EU releases re-pressed


Re-pressed editions of some CD-albums are available in EU music stores: Ray Of Light CD-hole: W (Warner logo) 936246847-2.3 V01 BZQ inside of booklet: Made in USA 9 46847-2 last page of booklet: 9362-46847-2 Confessions On A Dance Floor CD-hole: W (Warner logo) 936249460-2.2 V01 print o...

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The Immaculate Collection 2017 vs 2018

The Immaculate Collection which was originally issued in 1990 and became Madonna the best selling album with more than 30 milion copies sold was re-released on vinyl by Rhino on January 24th, 2017 [US] and June 1st, 2018 [EU].     US Version [R1 26440] was released on two coloured vinyl records -...

  1  |    Kamil  |    04/06/2018

Rhino Vinyl Releases

Rhino - founded in 1978 - is responsible for production of the latest Warner Music re-releases. Every Madonna vinyl release made by Rhino [except for Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits EP, The Immaculate Collection (coloured LPs) and Who's That Girl] was pressed by Optimal Media GmbH in Germany. Vinyl...

  0  |    Kamil  |    28/04/2017

UK Tape Singles

This is a review of Madonna singles which were released on tapes in United Kingdom between 1987 and 2002 Causing A Commotion - W8224(C)   Like A Prayer - W7539C    Express Yourself - W2948C    Cherish - W2883C    Dear Jessie - W2668C       Vogue - W9851C          Hanky Panky - W9789...

  0  |    Kamil  |    27/05/2016