Warner-Pioneer Corp. vs Warner Music Japan

Date: 2011-01-01 Autor: Kamil

written by Kamil Kaznowski and Maciej Stańczak
pictures by Kamil Kaznowski and Maciej Stańczak


Warner Brothers/Pioneer Corporation was established in November 1970 as a collaboration between Warner Brothers [US] and Pioneer [Japan]. The company changed its name to Warner-Pioneer Corporation in 1972. Pioneer was bought out by Warner Music Group in 1989 and company was renamed to Warner Music Japan Inc. in 1991.

Warner Music Japan, East West Japan and Time Warner Entertainment Japan merged and renamed to Warner Entertainment Japan in 2002. Two years later, in 2004, music section was separated from Warner Entertainment Japan and renamed again to Warner Music Japan.

Every Madonna early Japanese CD [since 1985, EPs: Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits (28XD-455) and Dress You Up / Ain't No Big Deal (28XD-456)] was released by Warner-Pioneer Corporation. They were responsible for pressing every Warner Music CD in Japan untill 1991. The final single EP from Warner-Pioneer was Rescue Me/Alternate Mix [WPCP-4100] released in May 1991.

Newly-created Warner Music Japan re-released [not re-issued!] some of the Warner-Pioneer albums and singles with the same catalog numbers and almost the same OBI strips. Differences are visible if you look carefully.

The differences are:
     * OBI: Warner-Pioneer Corporation or Warner Music Japan Inc. close to bar-code;
     * OBI: Warner-Pioneer Corporation or Warner Music Japan logo under catalog number and above the price;
     * Warner-Pioneer Corporation or no information on the spine of the back insert;
     * other information on the CD and inside the booklet


La Isla Bonita [WPCP-3440]: Warner-Pioneer Corporation (1990) and Warner Music Japan (1991)




Justify My love (snap-pack) [WPDP-6261]: Warner-Pioneer Corporation (1990) and Warner Music Japan (1991)



Forever Young Series [1989]: every Warner-Pioneer CD was re-released by Warner Music Japan in 1991 or soon after that:

  * Madonna [18P2-2700] 
Warner-Pioneer (1989), Warner Music Japan (1991)
  * Like A Virgin [18P2-2701] Warner-Pioneer (1989), Warner Music Japan (1991)
  * True Blue [18P2-2702]
 Warner-Pioneer (1989), Warner Music Japan (1991)