Collector Guide - Update: October 7th, 2017

Date: 2017-01-01 Autor: Kamil

Rebel Heart CD singles from Ukraine

Living For Love 4-track CD single [0602547238962, card sleeve, 250 numbered copies] and Ghosttown 13-track CD single [0602557612639, card sleeve, 250 numbered copies] were released in Ukraine in 2016 [the first one] and 2017 [the second one].

Both singles were manufactured by COMPMusic and both, what is confirmed by the manufacturer, were released under licence from Universal Music Group. COMPMusic is responsible for manufacturing of several CDs available on Ukrainian market and their products can be identified by IFPI codes [LU003]. Their latest releases for Universal Music Group are Ukrainian versions of Madonna's Rebel Heart album and Mylène Farmer's Interstellaires album, as well as, Stolen CarCity Of Love and C'est Pas Moi CD singles [the third one was canceled in France, but the licence for a single was given by Polydor France for Ukrainian market].

Artwork of both are made from original files. We can confirm that quality of artwork is perfect and there is no difference in quality between Living For Love and Ghosttown CD singles released previously in 2015 for European market and these two Ukrainian CD singles. We were also informed that both titles were released with much of a delay because of difficult process of receiving licenses and holograms [what identify original products] for Ukrainian market.



Erotica [CD single, US, 9 18782-2]

Two versions exist:
     [1] with white logos on back cover
     [2] with gold logos on back cover

[1]  [2] 


Express Yourself [7" single, UK, W2948X] Special Collectors' Edition
UK vinyl inside [1]:
     Side A: W 2948 A-1 ENG DAMONT 7 22948 A DMM INT L - 1 25097 STERLING
     Side B: W 2948 B-1 ENG DAMONT 7 22948 B DMM INT L - 1 25097 STERLING
German vinyl inside (at least, two options exist) [2]:
     R/S Alsdorf 922948-7 A2
     R/S Alsdorf 922948-7 B3
     R/S Alsdorf 922948-7 A3
     R/S Alsdorf 922948-7 B3
Notice that regular issue of UK 7” Express Yourself has no DAMONT and W 2948 on the run-out-grooves.

  [1]  [2] 


Music [7" single, US, 7-16826]
Two versions exist:
     [1] B-Side label with CYBERRAGA (without dash) and shorter credits under title of the song
     [2] B-Side label with CYBER-RAGA (with dash) and longer credits under title of the song

[1]  [2] 


Music [CD single, Germany, 5439 16838-2]
Two versions exist:
     [1] with VERSON in the title of the 1st track
     [2] with VERSION in the title of the 1st track

 [1]  [2] 


Secret - The Remixes [12" single, Germany, 9362 41850-0]
Two versions exist:
[1] Presence of "33" inside of black triangle on two labels on both sides [typical for German 80's and 90's vinyl releases]
[2] No "33" inside of black triangle on label on side two

[1]  [2]   


What It Feels Like For A Girl [CD Single, Australia, 9362423742]
Two versions exist:
     [1] back cover credits with 11 lines
     [2] back cover credits with 12 lines
Longer credits contain additional information which can be found in the 3rd line: Tracks 1, 3 and 5 include an excerpt from "The Cement Garden" courtesy of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Constantin Film AG.

[1]  [2]