MC Singles: Review of UK Tapes

Date: 2016-05-27 Autor: Maciek

text and pictures by Kamil Kaznowski and Maciej Stańczak


We present a galery of Madonna singles which were released on tapes in United Kingdom between 1987 and 2002, from Causing A Commotion to Die Another Day.

We wanted to show differences between layouts of released tapes: logos in different order, different fonts or colours, etc. Sometimes there are even 3 or 4 different releases of one single. Two singles from this set have unusual for UK releases inserts: Causing A Commotion (back part of a cover is wider) and Don't Tell Me (released in cardboard sleeve).

We wanted to make this review as much complete as it possible but we are sure that there could be other versions of tapes as well. If you have UK tape which is missing here, please let us know:


Causing A Commotion - W8224(C)
Like A Prayer - W7539C
Express Yourself - W2948C
Cherish - W2883C
Dear Jessie - W2668C
Vogue - W9851C
Hanky Panky - W9789C
Justify My Love - W9000C
Rescue Me - W0024C   
The Holiday Collection - W0037CT
Crazy For You - W0008C
Holiday - W0037C
This Used To Be My Playground - W0122C
Erotica - W0138C
Deeper And Deeper - W0146C
Bad Girl - W0154C
Fever - W0168C
Rain - W0190C
I'll Remember - W0240C
Secret - W0268C
Take A Bow - W0278C
Bedtime Story - W0285C
Human Nature - W0300C
You'll See - W0324C
One More Chance - W0337C
Oh Father - W0326C
You Must Love Me - W0378C
Don't Cry For Me Argentina - W0384C
Another Suitcase In Another Hall - W0388C
Frozen - W0433C
Ray Of Light - W0444C
Drowned World/Substitute For Love - W0453C
The Power Of Good-Bye - W0459C
Nothing Really Matters - W471C
Beautiful Stranger - W495C
Beautiful Stranger - W495C
American Pie - W519C
Music - W537C
Don't Tell Me - W547C
What It Feels Like For A Girl - W553C
Die Another Day - W595C