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Date: 2013-05-30 Autor: Kamil

After fight between me and Maciek about this space here (which is intended to be a place with some of our pictures and memories with our collections), I decided to start this kind of trip of more than two decades with Madonna in my life (or even nearly 30 years if we talk about grandpa - Maciek).
 New posts will show up from time to time when I will feel inspired to take pictures and share some thoughts. If you're not interested in - just shut this site down.

Anyway - these are our faces: Maciek on the left and me on the right.

This first picture was taken in 2010 in Paris - a few days before Madonna Discography was finally online after months of hard work. Update: the second picture was taken on March 5th, 2015 when we got unexpected delivery from Fnac Store, one day before Rebel Heart album was officially released.

Kamil, 2013.05.30 

2010  2015 

Erotica 25

I'm so happy that we decided to press this Erotica 25 vinyl EP. It's my small tribute to iconic Wayne Maser picture which had been forgotten until 2009 when someone decided to use it on the cover of 12" Celebration US maxi single. Really love it. 

The idea behind this vinyl was simple - 25th anniversary of this incredible music masterpiece. Watching at another anniversaries with nothing to celebrate from Warner Music or Madonna’s management, we decided to create this small EP with a cover I always wanted to see. 

I'm surprised by great response from people on our Instagram accounts: MD and MD-Private Embarassed We made only two copies, just for us. Nothing for sale. We have never been the enthusiasts of bootlegs buying, collecting or selling.

Kamil, 2017.12.07




I decided to re-visit my entire collection and I’m sure that it will be a long and never-ending process. But I can not withdraw from that. I threw a detailed list of everything into a trash and at this point I feel like a blind and a deaf person. After a few years of being distracted by other professional projects I started to forget what I really have and what I'm looking for. Being surprised when you discover in your own collection something that you forgot you have can be exciting but in this stage it became annoying for me… I felt that I was (am) in a huge mess with my awareness and knowledge about matrix information etc.

Our priorities in collecting have changed as well. We started with a strong CD-obsession many years ago, but after all everything went into a different direction. Vinyl records make us happy. Really happy and that is why we decided to lead our collecting into a smaller specialty. The Rebel Heart Tour album released almost two months ago became the first Madonna album that I did not get every pressing available worldwide, choosing only those which seemed to be the most interesting for me. And I do not regret this decision at all. Honestly, I feel …free because I’m not a CD-hostage anymore!

So the first batch of Madonna LP is done. I'm tired but excited! Terrified but full of creative energy! ;-)

Kamil, 2017.11.07



What a lovely way to burn!

Sometimes you just buy things and put them on the shelves but there are that kind of things which you want to keep in your hands and watch and smell and… Embarassed 

I'm so happy because of my last month purchases: 12" Erotica with white labels and 12" Fever which closed my 12" Erotica period from German series. Both are rare and unique and brought lots of joy!

White label Erotica is a discovery of Maciek. Few years ago it was not so obvious for collectors that it even exists. Probably it was not pressed in 1992 but around 2000 (yellow label is a regular 1992 release). I always wondered why Warner Music used to re-release some of singles from the past. What is the purpose? Anyway, great for us!

12" Fever seems to be the rarest commercial German 12" from Erotica period. I try to find 7" as well but have no luck with getting this release with original picture sleeve with good price. It seems to be harder than I thought.

Kamil, 2016.06.22



Utrecht 2016

My endless collector crisis which became a part of my life for last few years seems to be just a history which I really want to forget. My disappointment of Madonna’s artistic choices almost killed my desire to expand this beautiful passion and over the last 3-4 years I almost did not pay any attention to this 'business' being out of the game. In the meantime we changed the view of MD and we discussed our new and next potential projects, but my enthusiasm was not strong as it should be. Until we came back from Utrecht in Holland from Record Store Day and Record Planet which both happened in the same time this year. This idea to go to Utrecht was in our heads for some time, but this time an opportunity was exceptional: Madonna participated in this event with Rhino's 12" Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits EP re-issue.

I need to admit that this weekend was an emotional journey for me.

It touched me deeply. Even if I was not prepared for this. When you have 2300 records in your collection you need to be fully aware of what you have and what you are looking for in that kind of places. After years of stagnation I can say that a consciousness of my collection dropped almost to zero. Nevertheless, I went back home with 25 records. But I came back with something more... I feel huge euphoria and excitement!

I cannot wait to be back again!

Kamil, 2016.05.01



People come, people go...

I have been just informed that one of my dear mates died two days ago. I can't say we were friends but we spoke to each other from time to time. We shared our thoughts about difficulties with fighting with our health problems. I knew that he had horrible year spending most of that time in hospitals but we did not speak to each other lately - he left Facebook after terror attack in Paris in November last year. I was happy when I found out that he has his Instagram account and shows some pictures in his personal gallery… But after one week I can say: not anymore…

Hope you found your peace, Madonna de Peron ☀️

Kamil, 2016.02.22



MD is 5 years old and it's time to change everything. I really mean - everything. It's good to feel fresh with new energy to work but of course there is an unkind story behind why we are working right now on a new look and bakground of MD. Hope you will like it. We both are thrilled!

So what about our rebel heart? There's a 3rd single and video off the album [Bitch I'm Madonna] and I do not care. I'm in Paris again and still avoiding Lucky Records and Illogical Store. There are new promo CDRs from Polydor France available for insane amounts and I'm boycotting consistently that kind of promo strategy. Some people can pay a lot to get one of these crappy CDRs but some of them get really upset...

One collector from South America even complained on Drew G. facebook (one of two DJs from Dirty Pop team) that one of the contests on his site (with Bitch I’m Madonna CDR promo as an award) was intended for US only. DJ blocked him for every another contest, lol. That’s insane and that’s why i’m getting my tiny happiness from new re-issues from Warner Music from time to time, for example: new Forever Young series from Warner Music Japan with 15 albums re-released with new OBI strips and new catalog numbers. I'm sending greetings to customs office employees for no customs duty for my 7 packages.

Kamil, 2015.07.13



Two months later

It's 2 months since I got my first copy of Rebel Heart. Let’s see: more than 600 000 are sold already so around 0,0067% of this is at my home Yell I'm no longer disappointed by weak sales. Seems that it's sign of our times - people just do not want to pay for music. Even young pop idols sell less and less records every year. So... Let it be!

I’m not focused on searching more copies of Rebel Heart but I don’t think there is much more left to get. I will check eBay this week but the main problem is that some pressings are just not available, for example: Colombia or Republic of South Africa. I'm not good in asking people for help...

Kamil, 2015.05.05


One word too much. Part 1

Someone told me once that it seems to be strange that the only promo releases from Rebel Heart period are released in France and are available only in the offer of two collector stores in Paris for horrible amounts…

Well, you can spend only 200 € and get one copy of Rebel Heart 2CDs promo set released by Polydor France and marked as limited promo collector - what can be found in the back cover credits - and have it for your own satisfaction at home.

I would like to ask: what does it mean?

What „promo collector” means?

What was idea of releasing this unique and value set? It was available for free for some reason? Competition? Release party? No. It just showed up in mentioned stores to buy… Great business anyway! 

I can say exactly the same about 2 promo samplers with 6 or 9 tracks from Rebel Heart album. What was the idea of releasing them? Radio? Really? Is there any DJ in France who saw them? Nothing was intended for promo purpose, but... you can easily get them in well known places. Price? 

I am not delighted that a group of greedy people prey on the fact that collectors have so little to get these days! And to be honest - it seems quite illegal...
Thank you Polydor France for this great opportunity!
We are extremely grateful for a chance of getting such a crappy issued promo set and pay a lot for it...

CD holes are really delighful with SNA logo on it and remind old good times with French CD singles issued in card sleeves...

Kamil, 2015.04.02


One word too much. Part 2

One of my French friends asked me if i got Rebel Heart 2CDs French promo set for free… No, I did not. I assumed that there is a chosen group of people who got it for free or for small price and I do not belong to them. That’s not a problem for me but helped me understand why some of French collectors do not understand my point of view in that case…

I think (still) something is unclear hear because the easiest question you want to ask is: since when „promotional" copies of anything are on sale officially in stores - even 2nd hand stores - without promoting anything? Who sets the price? Did these two stores get package from Polydor with information "200 euros for each”?

I understand that promo CDs have some work to do: to promote music on the radio or TV or other media and I understand and accept that fact that someone can re-sell it when it fulfilled its own specific role. We all know it. And we all take these chances of having that kind of things in our collections for price we accept. But here - that case is different. Again. These are another promos which do not promote anything! They are just ...on sale. In two, always the same, places. So it means they are no longer promotional? It’s a mess full of unclear thoughts behind this...

Polydor should stick bar code on the cover, remove this idiotic limited promo collector sign and sell it for 200 euros as a ultra-unique, printed in 200 copies rare item. That would be fair and nothing would be suspicious. There are clear rules for selling music in European Union. I'm absolutely sure that this is a dirty scam of lower-level employees from Polydor. Again: this my personal opinion.

Kamil, 2015.04.05




Lost tracks.

My Rebel Heart set is growing. But as you can see at the picture, ingenuity of some sellers is unbelievable - I call this package „a stripped one”. Unfortuantely CD is damaged and I need to get Turkish issue once again…

There's a chance that Ghosttown will be released physically as 2-track CD single in EU in April or May. That's the news of the week.

I have no longer any expectations for Queen to be finally released since I got WAV file of this forgotten track. Should it be a B-Side? I'm sure that Madonna team has no control on it. 29 tracks including 25 songs and 4 alternative versions (Joan Of Arc - Acoutic, Iconic - Chance MT Humble, Living For Love - Alternative and Stripped Versions) were sent to the mastering studio in January. 5 songs remain unreleased.

Acoustic version of Joan Of Arc which is a part of this set was performed by Madonna on Ellen show last week. It seems that Madonna prefers this version more than final mix chosen for the final tracklist. I would never imagine that after more than 30 years in pop industry, Madonna may not decide how her album would sound… Hope she miss Warner Brothers as I do.

Kamil, 2015.03.27



So Rebel Heart is #2 in UK and US. Maybe it’s that point of her career when her albums are no longer #1 in both. It reminds me a bit situation in 1989 when Oh Father showed that Madonna can brought a single which does not achieve Top 10 in UK or US. Age is the problem. Pop industry has no mercy. 

After her TV performances during Rebel Heart promotion in EU and US I’m impressed by her vocal condition. She has NEVER sang so well as lately! It’s really good point to start making music in other way: less pop, more focused on artistic credibility. Hey Madonna, I know you read this! Think about it… 

It’s a second week with Rebel Heart behind us. The first French and UK CD-R promos for second single - Ghosttown - are available for horrible amounts and I do not pay any attention to them as I did with Living For Love single. I’m not interested in CD-R promos. That’s for today. I have no idea what I’ll do when we do not receive any physical release for 2nd or 3rd single… I'm focused right now on Rebel Heart from different countries.

Kamil, 2015.03.21
Rebel Heart debut in UK

The Official UK Top 40 Albums Chart: #1 - Sam Smith with LP which is 42 weeks on chart, #2 - Madonna - Rebel Heart, #3 - Ed Sheeran with LP which is 38 weeks on chart (...)
#1 in Australia, Holland and Israel. Other countries: France #3, New Zealand #7, Ireland #5, Sweden #10. Billboard?
Kamil, 2015.03.15

After Jonathan Ross show

I have a problem with Madonna being interviewed. She said that she hates interviews 'cause people always ask the same questions. I wonder when we finally get an interview about details of her creating process? People discredit her as a musician. They say: this is produced by Diplo... What about her? I would like her to do finally something on her own. Even crap but I want to know her clear ideas in arrangements and other things. People, ask her proper questions!! Don't ask about her dating younger men, being a mother or being blond. Who cares?

In the meantime take a look at this beauty: Living For Love 4-track CD single CD-hole. CD pressed by Sony DADC UK. I'm so in love with it! This would be my CD-hole of the 2015!

Kamil, 2015.03.15


Ghost in Town

Ghosttown will become a 2nd single off the album. That’s for sure. Yesterday we showed on our FaceBook the very 1st promo CD-R from Polydor France.

That would not be my choice if i could decide. Still cannot believe that Living For Love became a flop (not charted in US and only #26 in UK). Radio stations do not play her music so she does not have to prove that she can do a radio song anymore. I’m saying it all the time but in that age she should be focused on improving herself as an artist, composer and producer. She will not be on top again and everyone knows that. Not because after 33 years in pop industry she cannot create good music, but because there are rules which are ruthless for people in her age. This is sick, but being 57 is too much for being pop Sealed

Ghosttown is the only song from Rebel Heart which even one demo has not leaked. This song was one of the 6-track set released in iTunes on December 20th as a response to leak of more than 10 songs off the forthcoming (then) album and was the only one unknown song which previously did not leak as a demo. It has never circulated on the list of almost 100 demos from the new album. Why? In December i was sure that all this „leak case” was controlled by her team. Still i do not belieave in mysterious leaker from Israel. We live in a strange world. This is kind of new promotion? Every leak sounds good. Even one demo does not discredit her as a singer...

No stems leaked. Just finished demos. And that one new and unknown (then) song has never showed up as a demo. I do not buy it. You can agree with me or not. This is just my opinion.

Fingers crossed for Ghosttown. She performed it twice in Europe this month. I have to say that she has never sang so well live! Clear perfection! heart

This is a picture I took in a day of Rebel Heart premiere in Poland. Maciek and me we decided that we will be waiting for opening of two different stores in our cities to be the very first who will buy the album here… Childishness! cool

Do you see Madonna?
Kamil, 2015.03.14

The Rebels - week 1
It's a week since Rebel Heart has became physically available everywhere… Finally. It’s been 3 long months since the first leaks from the album… Lots of things happened and everyone who was interested in knows that story very well…
Some time ago we decided to celebrate Rebel Heart album premiere in Holland where records are usually available a bit earlier. It happened again this time. On March 5th Fame megastore in Amsterdam organized a party where everyone could buy deluxe and standard version of the album. On March 6th deluxe edition became most wanted CD in the capital city of Holland. It’s insane but between 6th and 9th March there was no Rebel Heart deluxe and super deluxe in Amsterdam… Nothing at all. We discovered that there is just one music store in a city where live probably 1 milion of people. Incredible. We checked Fame, Media Markt and even second hand stores. Nothing. Just standard CD and Living For Love 2-track CD single. Disappointing but we had lovely time, bought few records in second hand stores and spent hours in the middle of the ocean of bicycles…
During this week we received our first pre-orders from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Poland. But, to be absolutely honest, I cannot compare it to our discover of 4-track UK CD single for Living For Love. This was absolutely amazing and unexpected! 5-6 weeks ago we even could not be sure that we will ever receive a physical release for this single. Just wow! Great! And to Interscope Records: there is nothing to be ashamed of! We deserved an information! 
I wonder how new album will be charted in its first week. #1 in US and UK are not so sure. That’s really sad. Where the hell are all these people who spent hours on the streets before her shows begin? Waiting for the first summary of sales.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Be supportive!

Kamil, 2015.03.13

Unexpected pre-premiere!

Life is full of surprises! Some time ago we decided to have a trip to Amsterdam to get Rebel Heart album on March 6th, four days before official premiere in Poland.

I could not expect that today - March 5th - one day before our travel, we would get (delivered by postman) fresh and exclusive Rebel Heart deluxe edition with additional disc which is limited option of the album in the offer of French Fnac stores. Enjoy March 6th! We will Cool

Kamil, 2015.03.05

Rebel Heart

It's time to start finally a new era! In 24 hours we will be in Amsterdam in Holland celebrating Rebel Heart album premiere on March 6th and sending happy birthday to my mother for her 60th birhtday heart Thanks mom for helping us with French releases in Paris Kiss

It's almost 3 months since the very first leak from the album... Lots of things happened since then. I think I'm ready to hit the world as a fan again!  Stay tuned for our updates here. After break it's time to re-fresh our blog.

Kamil, 2015.03.05


Madonna (1983) & The First Album (1985)

I said a few days ago that I'm not a fan anymore. Of course it was a joke 'cause it is not so easy but I'm really in dark ass with my relation to Madonna. That’s why i decided to review my collection once again including cleaning, sticking info labels and searching new inspiration. I need (desperately) a new spark! So day after day, box after box… Let’s start from the beginning.

I keep both titles together in one box of my benno shelves excluding Japanese pressings, 2001 re-issues and other which I keep separately and I will take care of them a bit later.

I bought my first copy of The First Album in 1995 and since then it is my favorite 80’s record which I always play when I want to listen to Madonna 80’s tracks. I love songs full of synth sound - Lucky Star will always be my favorite (next to Angel and Open Your Heart) Madonna 80’s synth track. But in spite of this, the first Madonna album has never been on my list of collector priorities. Maybe it should be?There is still so much to track down for me: so many pressings, so many different details! I love this concept of multiple pressings, especially from US market: regular pressings by SRC (Specialty Records Corporation), Columbia House with W2 prefix, BMG with D prefix, etc. this is real school of patience! unfortunately, finding further pressings is rather accidental. But there is still something that can surprise us in an unexpected moment Smile

Next week: Like A Virgin.

Kamil, 2014.11.23


So immaculte!

After break I bought some new records in a second hand store, for example The Immaculate Collection - CD and LP (some German and US pressings) and that’s why I want to focus myself today on this collection of 80's hit singles.

You can hate that for being incomplete or being not the best remix album ever done but you have to admit that this is the best collection of Madonna hit singles she ever did. And that title - so cheeky! Anyway, I was always impressed by that project even if I rather did not listen to this. Even if you’re a huge fan of Shep Pettibone’s sound this set of remixes would never be your favorite… Not this time Shep, sorry! Embarassed

In the 90's polish radio stations were playing these remixes all the time – I'm not even sure if people here know Like A Prayer in original album mix… Horrible, but when you pay for 15 songs which you’ve known before in their new form you have to be satisfied. To be honest I have never understood why pop artists need to release sets of their hit singles if they do not want to prepare their best work in a different way.

I'm impressed, great layout, artwork, story inside and music including new #1 hit single. Almost everything what’s the best. Almost. But it changes nothing, you cannot have everything...

I wonder if Shep Pettibone remixed other songs, for example Who’s That Girl. If some outtakes exist they are kept in a secret vault. I read long time ago that there were plans to record new vocals, even Lucky Star was probably done… Great idea. I love Bjork remixes – she uses new vocals very often but I'm not sure if Madonna would ever do thing like this. Anyway, The Immaculate Collection is a great record to collect. This was re-pressed so many times in US, Germany or Japan! You never know what you will find and i’m always excited when i see some copies on sale in the second hand stores.

Kamil, 2014.07.11



It’s more than 4 months since my last update here..

I should have changed that long time ago but i really do not need to be insincere: madonna is number 10 on my „things-to-do list” lately.
Still have lots of records which i have not added yet to my collection, some of them i got in march or april. lol. one week ago i even try to make myself to do something with that and i destroyed  two of my black Benno’s indecision now i’m sitting with tons of CDs around me…

I'm just happy that Maciek is taking care of MD 'cause i’m deeply involved in no-madonna things lately…
I just wanted to show you that i’m still in business and i did not throw away my collection. i’m waiting for better time, new record, new emotions...

Kamil, 2014.07.01



From a child’s diary

I'm always afraid to tell such stories publicly (sounds crazy having Internet) but when i a was a very young fan i had no idea that Keep It Together would be a single from Like A Prayer album blush
Without Internet i knew only that what i saw on TV, heared on radio or read in Bravo and Popcorn magazine blush
i had a few books of course where Keep It Together was mentioned as one of these songs which were charted in USA but i did not care about it as long as i could record a video on MTV. and there was nothing to record of course. i heared a story about Vogue which was planned to be a B-Side of Keep It Together and other crazy things but for a young fan it was obvious that Like A Prayer was promoted by a few singles and Keep It Together was not one of them… blush

Probably that’s why i still have a strange feeling inside when i look at this cover - still looks not so obvious to me… blush

It's hard to imagine these days but Keep It Together was 6th single off the album! even if it was completely destroyed by being re-mixed by Shep Pettibone (i’ve never imagined that i would say that) it’s still a perfect idea to release such a great set of singles from one record...

Kamil, 2014.02.28



On the other hand...

Here we are again but this time not from my home - today we are visiting Maciej's collection smiley unfortunately he is not convinced to share his story by himself so i took these pictures when he was at work and i just want to show them without any specific details. i just don't want to move anything 'cause he would notice that fact, lol wink like you see we both have similar concept of keeping CDs using IKEA Benno shelves heartbut to be honest - i was a copycat this time 'cause i wanted to have the same furniture. i chose crazier option of color - red, unfortunately 'cause it is out of stock right now and it will not change in a future.

We rather have the same system of CDs' organizing with the titles as a main standard and chronologically, with the exception of Japan, which is always a separate category because of the beauty of OBI strips keeping together.
i think i'm more open for new forms of organizing and i tried to re-arrange my CDs collection by country in the past but after all i always returned to the standard chronology. there is something in that system what does not help me to be more focused on having everything under control and i'm more distracted by that... surprise

The vinyl part is a completely different thing - we both keep singles apart from the albums and we try to keep them by country. this makes it easy to collect, especially when we talk about the 80's. Maciej is much more obsessed by vinyls than me but in the last month i was more involved in complement some of the latest maxi singles. anyway i'm a bit too nervous to look patiently at run-out-grooves and it's for sure too difficult for me. but i'm working on myself (yeah, right...) cool

Now something about one detail (below)... i would like you to pay attention to his beautiful towel with "Madonna" written in Japanese (this writing was sewn on request). it was a birthday gift from his friend years ago and i think it is still originally sealed. nice present and i'm sure i'd be happy as well if i got one like this (never will happen probably).

Kamil, 2014.02.26


Cassette singles 2 titres 
La France... i love France! heart for all reasons you can only imagine: people, cities, streets, architecture, Mylene Farmer (lol) cheeky most of us have countries or cities where you always want to be back and for me it will always be Paris and France in general. for personal reasons of course but as a collector i'm sure it is one of the most collector's friendly place in the world...

Me and Maciek we have special feelings for French issues - we love French card sleeves and vinyls. they always have something special, different pressing, unique cover, etc. i remember when i found in Parisian Clichy the front door of SACEM and i took probably 50 pictures of ...door, lol. laugh i was happy like a child - i think people who saw met hen they did not have any idea why i was taking pictures of nothing, to be honest. ahh, we all have our secrets cool

Anyway, i have to say that French tapes are still out of my control. i have only 6, but there are not much released and available so maybe i will have a full set in next 2-3 years. it's hard to find some titles - some of them are not in good quality because (what probably is not visible at my pictures) they were realeased in paper sleeves. i put them into plastic cases to keep them in the best possible quality for another years. but you don't need to be a long time collector to see that they are special and have unique covers, spines and back. it's also nice to know they were released in special long boxes. i don't have any of this, but maybe in the future i will find just one in good price. For now i just want to complete my set with every title which was released in the past yes

Kamil, 2014.02.13


In the process - not re-invented yet

So here i am after another break, and to be honest i started from no concept with my new post enlightened i don't want to repeat myself by saying all the time that i'm too busy, too angry (on no-creativity of madonna) and other things so let's be clear: maybe i'm just a bit too lazy lately cool

I started new year with much more positive feelings than i could imagine that i would have. that's good. i re-fresh my vinyl collection and spent some time on eBay and Discogs. these used to be my favorite places to hide myself some time ago and it was nice to come back "home" once again.. i reminded myself that i have huge problem with comunication to other people and my questions about details can be frustrating to sellers who have no idea what i'm asking for - too bad. anyway, i focused on 00's this time to create my most wanted list of records so right now and for now it's just: Get Together (2x 12" EU) and Hollywood (2x 12" US).

Unfortunately both are one of my favorite songs from the 00's so it's frustrating to be so helpless 'cause Get Together (EU) is probably one of the most wanted 12" single from the 00's by many of vinyl collectors as well. i will be patient (have no choice) cool but after all it was nice for me to re-fresh these periods with listening to these singles after months or even years. i like the concept of one style of singles' covers (i miss angela becker, she really cared about madonna - where are dear?) and i'm showing this time my vinyl set from Confessions era - not my favorite at all but i would say that in any occasion considering my obsession with Erotica and Bedtime Stories, but it can't be missed that this was a great time for madonna to be perfectly remixed by many of talented and briliant DJs/producers.

Kamil, 2014.02.12


Just time off in a break

I listen to music all the time. i do not leave my home without headphones re-freshing mostly all my favorite music from the past, especially my the most beloved soulmate in pop industry - the king, Michael Jackson, and my latest obsession - Freddy Mercury.

I used to have lots of singles from Michael Jackson but i sold them. to be honest i used to buy them and sell them, and again, bought them and sold them - to be more focused on my Madonna’s collecting and to be not distracted by any of the other artists. but in the meantime i decided to keep my 'other artists’ at home without re-placing them by another Madonna’s stuff. now when i have no heart to Madonna and her releases (the crisis continues, lol cheeky) i want be more involved in different musical directions. so now i just wanted to mention my latest arrivals:

The MDNA World Tour set.

We decided with Maciek that we might be just focused on CD and deluxe version of this release treating this a bit as a regular CD-album. so probably i have a full set of deluxe version (i miss that one which was available in Singapore but it seems to be just an Malaysian edition so for me it is nothing special to be found right now) and CD version. but who knows? this is what i love during watching eBay. you never know what you’ll find and discover heart

Kamil, 2013.12.08


MC singles: UK set 1987-2002

It is not so difficult to collect UK tapes when you live in Europe. they were available in almost every European country and now can be easily found on eBay auctions. but the real challenge is to find differences and details when seller do not know they would sell their things showing a bit more than just covers. so you ask and you discover one day that This Used To Be My Playground UK MC single (for example) was released with four different tape labels (or more, who knows?). so i look for differences and this is what i found for now.

I like tapes and their different covers. i regret that i cannot just sit and listen to them like in old good times in the early 90's.
second on my 'most wanted list' are French tapes. still i do not have a full set or even one in original and very unique slipcase so right now there is nothing to show smiley

Kamil, 2013.11.01


Music makes the people come together

I have to admit that i avoided new entries here lately. i don’t listen to Madonna records and i try to be focused on different things. even looking for another pressings of MDNA World Tour on ebay auctions were caused more because of caring about Madonna Discography database than my personal interests. but - here i am again! not because of 19th and 21st anniversaries of my favorite records this month (Bedtime Stories and Erotica), but after years i decided to clean up a bit a collection of WAV files on my drivers. i am one of these guys who keep all collection in lossless format on the computer. just for my personal use of course but after years of leaks, ripings etc everything is in one big mess. so i started from the era who always bring a smile on my face: Music.

I was 17 in September 2000 and probably i have never been more uncritical fan when i think about this period, but it was not a as problematic as it is today: Madonna was beautiful, happy, creative and focused on being good mother an excellent pop star. i did not use internet in 2000 and everything what i knew about Madonna came from books, magazines, papers, TV and radio… i recorded everything on VHS tapes and MC tapes. i still keep it somewhere… i remember pre-premiere of Music album in Radio Zet in Poland a week before album was officially available in records stores. i recorded every song and every comment on tape and also remember incerdible mistake when they were playing Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne calling that track Cyber-Raga. i did not know then that this track had nothing in common with Madonna, even after Don’t Tell Me single with real Cyber-Raga as a B-Side was released weeks after that…

Everything was different... people did not know what Madonna do in her private time, did not see personal pictures from a toilet and did not read bullshits written on paper in bathroom…  i miss that anonymity and mystery of course but times flies, everything changes… anyway, Music period was also the beginning of my more detailed collecting with buying the very first CD singles. of course it was not easy without internet but probably i even did not know that somewhere could be available different things, CDs or tapes or vinyls. Poland has never been too friendly to people who collect records. so i took what i had a chance to get. and that’s why probably i’m also the biggest fan of GHV2 with collection of radio edits which for me were incredible gift at that time 'cause i knew these edits from a radio or TV but i did not have them on CD…

I decided to show some part of my Japanese collection this time. the last era with full set of Japanese pressings for every single released from the album. as you can see i keep it together as a one set with The Next Best Thing soundtrack.

Kamil, 2013.10.27



i'm not focused on madonna lately but i wanted to update my article 126 with new post. it's more and more difficult for me to choose a subject 'cause i'm not inspired to collect anything what is brought by Universal Music. that's why i'd like to say my opinion about 'life after life' - the releases from Warner Music and their new colaborator, Rhino. when madonna left Warner Bros. in 2010 i expected a bit more. more re-issues, more special issues. i'm a bit naive 'cause madonna never did this kind of things.
probably i should not care 'cause more than 25 years with WB gives us a chance to have always anything to find and to get. but even if madonna has her new reality under Interscope and Universal Music, we still receive from time to time some gifts from Warner Music. is it worth our attention?
it depends…

Rhino releases are known from not well printed covers and poor quality of artworks. and all of these are visible when you look at Madonna's Rhino releases. why it happens? covers are so different from original artworks and look like a bad quality copy. it also looks like there are no original files to reprint these things… is it possible? all vinyls are re-pressed and re-issued with new catalog numbers. all boxes are created as new titles. that's good but after all i'm still unsatisfied. it is really disrespectful that some early recordings are not still remastered. probably it has to be decided by both sides: WB and madonna.
without her decisions nothing will happen.

Kamil, 2013.10.05


Bedtime Stories

we all have records which seem to influence on us much more than other. for me it's Erotica and Bedtime Stories. in that moment i would also say something controversial: for me madonna would do only these two LPs.
and that is what i wanted to show you this time. without great story behind. just my naive memories which i will not share today.

Erotica gain recognition after years but Bedtime Stories remains in the shade of all records from the 90's.
i really doubt it would change in the future. it's not groundbreaking material and after all it has never been artistically daring album.
i was always more focused on differences between BS and Erotica. i love more melancholy nature of madonna spreading on music space of BS in opposite to much more negative and depressive feeling of Erotica heart

Kamil, 2013.09.19


MDNA Tour - EU set

madonna is angry because of problems with sound and quality of picture of MDNA World Tour. not my favorite tour at all but as i collector i would like to know if my DVDs / BRs have problems or not. and i have no idea. i see screens showing horrible quality in different parts of the show, people complain on sound.. for me everything is wrong. i see problems in different parts of the film and i'm not so brave to say that sound of the show (even on CD) is really correct 'cause it sounds poorly… some people say that snowing picture is just an artistic vision… lol. so in these interesting times poor quality is a vision? very funny. but i really hope that Universal will show a snippet of correct picture and then all of us will be able to compare our DVDs / BRs and decide if they are wrong or not.
as a collector i really hope that my set is wrong! cheeky

Kamil, 2013.09.18


Erotica LP

this is a year with special numbers for me:
i'm 30 years old since last saturday,
20 years with madonna,
2000 records in my collection smiley

and because new live album is out right now i'm gonna to show you... Erotica again. LPs this time. i'm not as excited because of new releases as i wanted to be. too much of bad energy around it. still. so this time i take my pill to feel better: a piece of my favorite period - the 90's. Erotica LP was not pressed in many countries but still i miss some of them which are quite rare. the first one i bought was 14-track German double set with white/round sticker and i've just discovered that i always listen to this one. i like the sound. much more than sound of CD - mostly because of deep bass.
higly recomended LP heart

Kamil, 2013.09.17


Erotica MC

there's too much negative emotions around madonna since she released her last studio album for Warner Brothers. most of fans and almost every critic accuse her for artistic emptiness and lack of ideas. hard to argue with that. so i will not. there is something in it. more than it seems. but for me the most scary is a technical quality of her last recordings:
horrible re-mastering and mistakes in re-editing some tracks on Celebration album, terrible quality of the videos from Celebration DVD, weak sound of Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD, strange mastering of MDNA album so demos would sound much better than final mix (GMAYL for example) and now… MDNA World Tour. problems with DVD. Universal Music in Netherlands stops distribution of DVD 'cause they cannot believe that quality of the show is (probably) originally so bad and they think it's a technical problem… warn their clients from buying a DVD… i'm dying to hear any official statement!


to clear my mind and being as far from this as it possible
(not so easy for the admin of a collector site)
i'm hugging all of this what i love the most. the past.
a whore from the Erotica album cover heart

Kamil, 2013.09.07


That girl

i'm not a fan of madonna as an actress. i'm sure i'm not the only one. some say that she is not as horrible as she seems to be on the big screen but it's all beacuse of movies she chooses. i don't really care. Who's That Girl is not for me any exception but i have to say that i love the first scene with a cigarrete cool classic!
when i was a kid it was the only one movie i used to watch more than once. since then i haven't seen this. more than 15 years i think… anyway, i have my own memories with the soundtrack. it was very rare to get for me in early 90's so i was very lucky when a friend of a friend of mine lent me a tape which was just re-recorded from other source. i was so excited to hear these songs for the first time! something of this excitement has remained to this day. unfortunately my tape recorder destroyed this tape and the only i can remember today is a fear inside of me 'cause i had to explain somehow what happened to my friend. lol, so funny today smiley tape recordsers used to destroy tapes all the time.

I don't remember what was next but 2-3 years later i bought my first copy of CD-soundtrack: US version of BMG pressing. quite unique today. still in my collection above smiley

Kamil, 2013.08.26



3" EU 1989 CD Singles Set

every occasion to get remixes from the 80's in the best possible quality is priceless. of course in a digital form without ripping from vinyls which often are full of cracks. unfortunately still some of the early madonna remixes are not available on CD. thanks to Japanese EPs and singles also suplemented by EU releases this set is almost completed. almost and sometimes in surprisingly bad quality. of course i will not say one bad word about Japanese CDs 'cause i'm sure these are really the best if we talk about quality of sound but EU pressings used to bring huge disappointments. for example - the yellow series of the 80's re-issues. that's why in this sea of mediocrity the first EU 3" CD singles are exceptions which sound well and look good, especially when you have a luck and have them in original plastic WEA cases. nice gem, not so difficult to find. 
all of them were also re-issued and re-released later as 5" CD singles in EU and some in Australia as well.

i wanted to show them 'cause today i've received the last one CD and luckily
i was able to complete the entire set with WEA cases with replacing all of these which i did not have complete.

Kamil, 2013.08.19


Crap, holy crap, back in the game

something is happening. that's good. i like these moments when  Warner Music decides to re-release something from the past even if co-operation between Warner and Rhino brings re-issues not the highest quality. maybe this is a sign of our times: mediocrity. anyway, thinking about new shoppings let me forget about madonna fans' pointless agression directed in other artists what you can find almost everywhere looking for news or updates no. i should not even pay attention to it (in the end i have never been interested in this kind of things), but i do care and it pisses me off to see that some fans do horrible work to protect (?) idol no. i cannot understand what kind of protection it would be to compare madonna with artists who are known less than 5 years and fighting for not considering madonna as the worst these days because she is almost the worst and this is a difference [yeah, right] (if you haven't noticed) and when she is no longer artisticly succesfull it has to be considered as unbelievable success to be the second from the end. lol. and you must not stop to believe in it! (...)
calm down. peace and love, for god's sake!!! enlightenedenlightenedenlightened

breath in and out. now i want to focus on something what most of you would throw out from the collection. we all know otto von wernherr. more or less. ok, i have no idea who is he. or was. but we know a story about small colaboration between madonna and him before she released her first album. i read somewhere that they even did not meet but she sent him a tape with her vocals to three songs (1981) and when she became famous he cut them and used in 10 or more songs (i have no idea and i do not want to count to be more prepared). this material is a crap. that's for sure. but number of souvenirs which we received from that time is countless. it seems incredible that all of these CDs, LPs or tapes are using name and pictures of madonna in the front line and it looks like she has nothing against it. that's her choice. someone can believe that her beginnings looked like this, because all this material is easily available - easier than collection of stephen bray and madonna demos released in the 90's as Pre-Madonna or In The Beginning. anyway, i have 2 or 3 CDs with otto and madonna and i ignore another issues available everywhere. but for some reason which i'm not sure (but probably my love to slim line jewel cases won) i bought lately 7CDs box set called The Early Years which includes 7 CD singles with series of remixes. looks good. sounds worse. anyway, i know that there are people who reject this kind of stuff in madonna discography but for me the most irritating is fact that i never know which of these are released by otto von wernherr. there is no information about this and the only thing i could find is that Receiver Records had rights to this material but probably it was sold and re-sold many times after that, god only knows to whom? not so important but i'd like to have any info about this.

ok, this "incredible purchase" was the first intentional purchase after my summer break in collecting which i had.
let's play the game again! yes

Kamil, 2013.08.14


Wisdom of pathological drunkard

I'm much more nervous lately than usual. things seem to go differently than i would like them to go so i have to stop myself from killing all my wonderful friends who provoke me to have conversations about madonna or worse: the cover of MDNA Tour. it's annoying. i just went back home from my 2-week holiday in the most wonderful country in the world (France, of course) and i should be relaxed but i am not. to unload some energy without hitting someone in the face i re-arranged just a bit my home. i put my desk into center of universe this time so i share this space with my tapes which seem to be my biggest interest lately (on the right).

I deleted part of this post. too much of wine definitely turned off my brain. sorry.

Kamil, 2013.08.10


2008: live and learn

Probably i’m one of the most undocumented at pictures guy in the whole world. some time ago and for some reason i removed from my drivers almost everything what would remind about this or that – it’s a long story, not interesting for a place like this one but probably because of this secret reason i like watching pictures of my collection taken years ago. of course only if i have a chance to find anything. what you see on the right is from 2008, taken after Hard Candy album was released. i’m happy that i found this one. 2008 was a very special time to me, the most groundbreaking which changed almost everything and influenced on everything after that. absolutely everything. so things changed. changing your point of view and showing other side of being a fan. and then you become a collector – hungry of knowledge and every single detail what bring you to another level and create the idea and idea becomes a fact – that is how Madonna Discography became my reality which started to be online exactly 3 years ago. we will see what brings the future. another groundbreaking? 

We came a full circle here at MD. my 5-year-old roots are forced to be replanted. things like that happen when you missed the fact that these small pieces of you just rot. Anyway, when i decide to become a baker i will let you know in my final post. now i need a rest. live long MD laugh happy birthday! laugh

Kamil, 2013.08.02


Madonna 30

i will not glorify this record because of its 30 birthday. there is much more important 30 this year - of course mine own, lol. but i have to admit that this particular record fascinates me a lot but not because of interesting releases or re-issues. probably this is the only one album when we are not sure about what version of the song is that one which was intended to be called an ‘album version’. we all remember a story that madonna did not like the final mix made by Reggie Lucas and she made some cuts with Jellybean who also mentioned that he should have been credited as a co-producer but WB never did it. anyway, i'd like to hear one day Lucas-only first mixes before Jellybean remixed them to make them the final versions we know from the record.
this is my story how i remember the songs from the album – a bit as a collection of random remixes probably without an idea how to make a good pop album.

lucky star - my favorite song from the entire album. i just love it! so many synthesizers heart i think this is 12" Version on the album - it's a bit too long and this is not a simple construction of the pop-track from the early 80's.  the 7" Version (still not available on CD) was released on 7" single and was used in a short edit of the video - this mix sounds more like a pop song for a radio. anyway, great pop-tune! i'd like to hear Lucas remix 'cause madonna claimed that this track was too overloaded and after Jellybean reconstruction it does not sound to me like a stripdown mix of something more complicated. to be honest - the official remix of the song known as 'US Version' or 'New Mix' sounds more frugally and for me it's really like a rape on this kind of perfect song… 

borderline - ok, this is a legend but i'm not a fan of songs like this one. it's another track which sounds like a 12" Version of something shorter (7" Version) which was used on the 7" single and a video. i don't like drum section in the album mix and probably i was not the only one 'casue 7" Version (as well as Dub Mix and Extended Dance Remix) was definitely better remixed than 12" Version on the album. not my song, not my video so if you want me to hear it without aggression on my face it'd better be a remix, lol indecision

burning up - in fact that it was a second madonna single, not from the album yet and without any support it failed of course in general (too bad, isn't it?) but it was a success on the US dance chart. i was always wondering how it was possible? madonna promoted herself by herself only and only on NYC club stage at this time. incredible. i love this track in any form including demo by Stephen Bray in early stage and great Reggie Lucas demo set from November 1982 which leaked long time ago. of course i should mention the story which we all know perfectly 'cause in this particular situation 'album version' means nothing, even if for CD-enthusiasts it's definitely Lucas mix 3:45 used on the video (vinyl album version would be also Jellybean mix 4:48, still not available in digital CD form, but edited many times and released also in shorter forms, for example on Mexican single). well done remixes also exist (12" Version and 7" Version) - both made by Jellybean - in one sentence: it has everything to achieve a success. almost: no support from WB at this time.

i know it - this is so cute. just a song. one of my favorite with perfect vocals on a demo version. nice cheeky

holiday - really? this is a moment when i have to say that i really do not like this song angry it's another 12" Version on the record. definitely too long but 7" Version known from the single is not the best 'cut and paste' edit of the song i've heared. it's too naive and too about nothing but it's just about… having a holiday, lol. so it has to be ambitious? it's her 3rd single and the 1st which was supported by the album having also the 1st major success worldwide (#16 US, #2 UK) worked out for months personally in the clubs.

think of me - just a song. maybe even i like it or maybe i'm just accustomed that it exists. nothing more surprise

physical attraction -  another track i like very much even if many biographers treat it like a misunderstanding (why, oh why?). another 12" Version on the album - quite too long but 7" Version is perfectly cut for the radio. completely forbidden track so it would be surprising when madonna sang a verse with fans during rehearsal on her last tour. i would give this song a chance to be a commercial single. i read somewhere that this track was registered with madonna as the only writer. strange, in fact that she did not write this song.

everybody is a star … in its own world, lol. another strong point on this short record. this time we received perfect cut of the song on the album  which originally included a 7" Version, changed later to 12" Version. so many vinyl remixes not available on digital CD form and a legend about single without picture and black madonna in the back of this incredible situation. anyway, it's the only one song without Jellybean intervention and maybe it's too bad. this is not the best production and to be honest i've never heared anything from Mark Kamins as a DJ or producer but he made a track using Stephen Bray ideas known from perfect demo which was relased on his own project in the 90's. and probably it makes this song a good one, a bit flat, but really good.

Kamil, 2013.07.27


The quality

the quality of sound is very important to me and i mentioned that in my last post. i listen to music only from original sources - CDs, vinyles or lossless files, but sometimes it is not a guarantee of quality. we know examples from madonna discography - probably all yellow series of re-issued 80's singles have the worst sound i've ever heared from original source. but there is also a risk that CD which you buy was pressed from MP3 files. yes it happens, especially when we talk about CDRs. but not only. anyway, i try to keep on my hard drive only lossless files, even if most of people do not hear any difference between WAV file and MP3 320 kbps. but looking for best quality i bought 4 years ago a record player and this purchase was one of the best in my life! i love deep sound from vinyls. the main difference you can hear is in low tones. these of you who have a chance to hear Erotica LP know what i'm talking about. this is one of these LPs which sound as much different in bassline as it possible. differences between CD and LP are shocking. 

but today i wanted to re-fresh Something To Remember LP which will be re-released (finally!) very soon. i love this compilation 'cause it ends a first half of madonna career. in my opinion, this better half. and even if Warner pressed all 14-track set on 1(!) LP it sounds really very good. especially on my new speakers with 50W subwoofer which you can see above. i call him 'the beast' devil
i love his plush bass which he caresses my ears.
i trully recommend to you listening to music from record players using vinyls,
especially if you do not listen to music to kill a silence in your home.

kamil, 2013.07.18



Nothing to remember

This is my first post from my new macbook - after years i left microsoft family (not exactly) and right now i feel a bit like a deaf and blind guy. 'not exactly' because as a chemist who works in publishing industry i need software which do not exist in mac-world. so nothing is perfect. even these beautiful apple things which seem to be a bit useful. anyway, nothing changed in me of course, so this time i'm going to grumble about last rumor...

The Examiner claimes that madonna and warner want to re-release her Like A Prayer album for its 25th anniversary next year with remastered material (oh please!), unreleased tracks and bonus video material… of course i do not believe in one single word in this article 'cause madonna does not care about her catalog and (probably) about quality of her previously released music. strong opinion but i'm just an observer. i will not compare her to other artists who re-sale their catalog in every possible way but as a fan of quality and good mastering i have to say that something wrong was going on between madonna and warner bros for some time.

We all remember this incredible situation with Celebration album which included badly re-edited songs with wrong cut and paste and horrible re-mastering which seems to be only making a song louder when we compare it to the original recording. oh, and i forgot about DVD(!) [lol] with NTSC system for Europeans… [lol x2].

Anyway, even if the last co-operations between M and WB were not as good as we wanted them to be, i still remember gorgeous 2001 when we received re-releases of her three first albums with re-mastered material. i know that there are fans who are not satisfied with their quality of sound but for sure it was a chance for people who do not listen to music from LP to hear these songs from a higher level. and since then untill now nothing changed 'cause WB have never had a green light from madonna's management to do something, anything with her previous catalog. so after 24 years we have the album (LAP) - one of the greatest in pop-culture history which desperately need to be remastered 'cause it has never been touched and it sounds like every original digital music from the 80's - incredibly badly and poorly.

So there is a chance? i don't think so. as far as i know someone spoke to warner and they replied that they have nothing in their plans. lol. have a nice week! cool

Kamil, 2013.07.16



Act of terror

after years 'hard candy' album should be re-named to 'biological bomb'. i would like to have a chance to see these candies from deluxe box in 2025. now they are just a small poison but in a far future? it could be used in act of terror... but seriously, why 'hard candy' this time? i stood in front of my madonna's CD-collection and after 5 minutes of staring i chose... george michael 'patience' album. i tried to break this silence between me and her but it seems that there is no chance so i decided to show my part of the beginning of madonna artistic crisis. so here we are:
hard candy.

we all probably remember a full story of that "piece of art". in August 2007 Candy Shop and Beat Goes On demo leaked and probably me and many of us took it as a work in early stage. i cannot say that i liked her new direction. i was always a huge fan of british club music and black rhythms were far away from music i listen privately at home. after Hey You digital single (which is a beatiful song and i love it very much, by the way) from mid-2007 which was co-produced by Pharell i was sure that madonna is strong enough to keep her music in safe place and no one can impose her a vision which is completely not her. but even in my wildest dreams i could not suppose that after years of composing and producing her own music she won't be involved in her own album. i always tried to understand what happened?

she was busy making her movie and documentary, trying to save her marriage? probably. i don't know and i don't really care.

she is an artist who can make a record when she wants to but all i saw then was a desire to be released from the contract with Warner Brothers and vision of $$$ with Live Nation. maybe it's unfair but her approach to making music completely changed using almost ready songs in 98%. that's not madonna who sat next to Rick Nowells and was improvising melodies to her new tracks. and even if we do not accept this style of making her next records we have right to comment this and judging 'cause it seems that artsticly there is nothing special to be found anymore. hope i'm wrong.

anyway, in Decemeber 2007 we received a snippet from live set of DJ Timbo Bimbo who premiered a song which in March next year became a lead single from new album and in that way we say hello to a song called 4 Minutes To Save The World. i do not know what this song is about but for sure it shook the pillars of my trust to madonna. it's too much of everything what was already on charts since Timbaland became one of the largest producers of US pop music and it was the first time when madonna was one step behind the others. she has a right to release a crap, of course. these are her decisions (i hope so). but after that a small highlight appeared. maybe some of you remember that in March 2008 small snippet of Miles Away was premiered in Japanese TV. i was then in paris at my mom's home healing wounds after life turbulence and i remember that i played it all the time and i liked it.

a couple of weeks later without huge expectations i bought the album. after years i give 2,5 from 5 and in my opinion (because it seems to be not an album of madonna) it would be sang by any of US female pop stars (nelly furtado for example). it's not so bad record in general. it's just not a level that we were accustomed. but i really do believe that many of you have completely different point of view. i can hear voices of delight reading posts on face book. i'm just not one of them. amen.
i'm already famous for my whining. sorry for that.

Kamil, 2013.07.07

2nd hand stores

i found today in warsaw a second hand music store with tons of vinyls and CDs. i spent there almost 2 hours. my neck is hurt and legs are painfull after standing without moving. i couldn't stop myself to check it and see what would i find there. my first impression is that vinyls from the 90's are probably one of the rarest things in the world. it's always the same scheme here in poland - lots of True Blue LPs and Like A Prayer LPs and not much more. but there's always a chance to check details     
visually and compare them to the items you already have. and here we are with 4 new CDs - nothing special if you care about treasures but i cherish every single thing in my collection.
anyway, this kind of stores are very unique here.. i really envy 2nd hand music stores in western europe and usa.

kamil, 2013/07/01

True Blue 27

it's not easy to remember an accurate date, but seems to be not so difficult as well when every site informs you about this anniversary.
i don't want to be excessively dishonest saying that this LP changed me and my life (yawn) but for sure this is one of the biggest commercial success with one of the most recognizable cover and some of the most popular and remembered hit singles of all time.. probably this is madonna we miss the most these days...
you can see on the left a part of my TB-collection. i would like to avoid this kind of pictures with full sets i have as well as pictures of rarities but i've always been impressed by this iconic cover picture with incredible power being realeased with title and madonna on it (i feel very sorry to americans). anyway, for me TB means mostly Open Your Heart which is my favorite track from the 80's (next to Angel and Cherish).

so dear TB, i wish you being appropriate re-issued one day! you deserved it more than most of records!

Kamil, 2013.06.30

A legend

i've received today a very special tape - bulgarian version of Like A Virgin album called Kato Dewa (Kamo Geba)
better known in its LP form.
even if we decided long time ago that will not keep this on MD (really not sure about this, click here) this title is well known especially to european collectors. i was watching this tape on ebay (exactly this copy) since 2010. it was available for years and i started treating this like a good friend who is always somewhere out there. so why not keep it at home? and here it is. finally. very unique and rare. god bless this seller and me for taking this baby to my friendly environment at home angel

Kamil, 2013.06.28
Hollywood - french info sticker

it's quite rare. regular German single CD1 and CD2 with exclusive French sticker info. i keep it sealed. just in case. there is something special in French stickers and these both are probably one of the rarest on ebay.

Hollywood is one of these songs which have absolutely everything to achieve a major success on charts: great pop tune, perfect video and delicious club remixes. but it failed. i always recommend this one to all these people who want to know what is the best in madonna in my opinion.

Kamil, 2013.06.23
american life [alternate take]

i always choose it as one of my favorite covers especially when i look at Canadian CD single in slim case what is rather rare (bottom right corner). but there is something strange with this one. i think it was great concept for the single picture but in my opinion German and US singles loose a lot from the strength of Canadian one. take a look. cover is differently cut and maybe GE/US have too much of empty white space. i don't know and i don't want to bother you talking about nothing. anyway, it shows how details can destroy a lot in the eyes of a bit too much sensitive guy like me angry indecision

Kamil, 2013.06.21

Trying to light a fire again

Today is 12 years since my first show (drowned world tour). my 'love afar' evolved. i'm not in love anymore, lol. cool
i lost my ability to talk to other fans about madonna without highly malicious sarcastic remarks.
but my collecting seems to be fine in spite of fact that I decided to take a holiday break from searching, sniffing and tracking. sometimes all you need is just to stop thinking. and now i'm just a brainless guy in good mood to re-view (with a duster in hands) all i brought to my apartment from all scrap-heaps of the world..
ready to take pictures.

Kamil, 2013.06.20

next time i will not say a word :<

i've experienced today something strange. i let myself to be not as enthusiastic as one of the biggest dutch site which seemed to have a good interest in selling a dutch promo of unique Love Spent single on ebay. a winning bid was US $305. it is not so huge ammount for very rare promo CD but huge enough when you remember what you pay for.. and for me that is a problem. but fan club bosses were rude to me because of my lack of grateful for the opportunity of purchasing a unique CD-R and that inspired me to share some thoughts about genesis of my "horrible behavior"..

looking back: my life changed in march 2012 (again) when i bought on the US soundrack of beautiful W.E. movie made by very talented and new director hidden under controversial name, madonna. it is something natural for me that when something is not available on madonna discography i scan an item to put it on the site. and when i put CD on the scanner glass my eyes were blinded by the flash of all colors of the rainbow so characteristic for CD-Rs.. yes, i bought official and commercial W.E. US-soundtrack made by Amazon on the licence of Universal Music as horrible ...CD-R. i was accustomed to the fact that Madonna does not satisfy my artistic needs since Hard Candy album was released but now even if i was not so involved in being a fan as i used to be in the past, my being a collector was put to the test 'cause we started rather unconsciously new era of horrible promotion, digital singles and CD-Rs. yes, CD-Rs. that's why i would like to show you some of my promo CD-singles from MDNA period. beautiful, isn't it? heart i like watching them when days are cloudy and life seems to have no sense.. they are sooo colorfull! (picture below on the left). one CD seems to be different.. maybe we should distinguish CD-Rs with more rainbow and less rainbow? lol wink

everything changed - people don't want to pay for music - Virgin in France died, HMV in UK almost (?) died. i will probably die if situation does not change, lol. money in music industry are from huge live shows and a record is only a reason to start a new tour. that's a fact. showbusiness is more business than ever and i work on myself to understand the fact that i should not expect even small art from pop star because it has to be a crap 'cause people around even the most ambitious pop star will not spend even a cent on something what will not bring profits.

and the story goes on. so you pay for CD-R crap to have something from new period in your collection or 'cause there are people like me who want to have lossless music (god bless Beatport and Juno. Masterbeat - rest in peace). but that is also not so sure.. still remember beautiful 14-track promo CD with Give Me All Your Luvin' and Girl Gone Wild remixes which i bought mostly to have lossless Luvin' remixes and and it turned out that Demolition remix on CD was made from mp3 source. there are jokers in Universal Music France! anyway, good to have also anything, any promo CD in old style (picture below on the right).

kamil, 2013/06/14

"this should be a picture for a cover of MDNA album - it expresses all what madonna has done lately".
This is the first opinion from maciek after i showed him this outtake wink

Kamil, 2013.06.10
Never ending story

i'm always surprised when some collectors claim that they have full set of something in their collections. is it really possible? it seems that collecting is like a bottomless pit. there is always something to discover and you never know what you should expect. i try to ignore this kind of affirmation even if sometimes it's really irritating. for example, i have never been focused on tapes. but some time ago i realized that i need a new target in my collecting and then i started watching tapes looking for differences between them. i have to say that UK singles are very charming and for sure they hide a story which wants to be discover. and of course you realize accidentally that somewhere is a puzzle to solve because i'm pretty sure that almost every title released on tape in UK between 1988 and 2002 have two or three different versions with different layout of tape. and that would be a naive end of this story but surprises happen and then you discover (for example) a fourth layout of Playground single... i love this! take a look at the picture below - i chose Deeper And Deeper 'cause it's a single from my favorite period. anyway, differences are perfect: different font and its size, different arrangement of logos and their size, etc. if we talk about UK single tapes usually they are black but sometimes they are clear or unexpectedly (what is rare for UK singles) white. i have three of these white beauties which i want to show you on the right: Causing A Commotion (the very 1st UK MC-single), Vogue and Crazy For You ('91). more exist? i have no idea right now. i'm not cheeky enough to say that i have all of them. but to be honest, hope i don't!

kamil, 2013/06/09

Not a virgin anymore

Maybe because it is a Children's Day today and i received from my mom such a sweet sms because of it (my early collecting owe her a lot) i decided to look back again. and what i see? my own first CDs ever which i keep until now. maybe you think it's nothing special to have stuff you bought in the past but when i was a kid i used to do strange things - for example: i found in my collection of paper scraps from the 90's completely destroyed and cut back cover of Like A Prayer CD-album which i had as my first LAP CD (US pressing for BMG which still i cannot say that i have it in my collection right now, lol) wink. ok, let's change subject because it cannot help me to feel better.. surpriseso, i don't know why i did not cut these both CDs which i want to show you (lol) but they are really fine and for some personal reasons they are the most important to me from my entire collection. ok, the first one was I'm Breathless which i bought in 1994 in a local music store called Dmiston. i remember a wall with CDs from the floor to the ceiling and there it was... i cooperated with this store until 2001. then i moved to Warsaw and my life also moved into new direction, but then, when i was a teenager i did not know any details about CDs which i had. US, EU or Canadian? what? lol laugh. so, years later when my access to internet became unlimited i started to see differences. not in the same way as today but there are always some the very first experiences. and then i discovered that my first I'm Breathless CD was ...US first pressing (SRC+01). i checked also Bedtime Stories album which was my first CD i bought in the same time when album was released (1994) and i realized that i have ...Canadian first pressing (#941006L)! that was amazing.. coolif you are not from EU that you should know that it is not so obvious that when you go to the local music store you'll get something different than EU pressing. Warner Music Poland was established in 1994 or 1995 and before that CDs had been imported - as you can see even from Canada what maybe sounds like Jupiter at some point.

anyway, when i was just a fan i wanted to have CDs to listen to the songs. nothing more was important to me. but it's very difficult to indicate this particular moment when i became a collector. i have to think about it.

kamil, 01/06/2013


(Not)only official releases

we try to keep this site clear from bootlegs and counterfeits - probably it is one of the largest challenges for us 'cause it's not so easy sometimes, especially when we talk about CD-Rs, but this won't be about that.

i know, some of my friends will think that i'm obsessed by this small crap you can see at the picture wink (i tried to put them everywhere i could, in many articles we wrote for MD, lol) but i really love these tapes and all six i keep in my collection as the only bootlegs (i hope so)! they are my beginning heart we wrote something about Polish pressings lately (click here) and in the early 90's it was almost the only chance to have anything with your favorite artist. i was 9 when i bought one of these cassettes - Erotica 1 - i remember this moment and place crying. it was something so very different than everything what is going on today when you hear a song you like and you have an easy access to music by internet. then you had to sit in front of TV and  you were waiting patiently for your favorite clip watching MTV. i recorded so many VHS tapes. now i could even say that internet destroyed all this beauty 'cause everything is so easy to find without any effort. anyway - this is just a word about my beginning. i found a few days ago on the net one of my old posts about my story as a fan. nice to look back sometimes, but not too often!

kamil, 30/05/2013