12" Erotica UK picture disc: Original vs Fake

Date: 2011-11-06 Autor: Kamil

text by Kamil Kaznowski and Maciej Stańczak
pictures by Wilkie Chu


12" Erotica [W0138TP] - picture disc - is rare and one of the most expensive European releases available on vinyl. Unfortunately, we can find a lot of counterfeits and fakes available in online stores. We present below description and pictures of both, the original release and fake one. We hope that this information will become helpful for you and you will be able to find out exactly which one is offered in auctions that you are interested in.


Front insert

That would be the first step to distinguish original pressing from the fake one! Original release has Madonna Erotica printed on the upper left corner (easily visible). Fake release has no Madonna Erotica on the upper left corner and insert color seems to be rather pale.

Original:  Fake: 



Original vinyl has intense navy blue color and seems to be much darker; it has about 2 millimeters of wide black circle on the edge of side A. Fake vinyl has more white color, picture is pale and lightened; it has about 5 millimeters wide black circle on the edge of side A.

Original:  Fake: 


Side A run-out-groove

Groove should start with Madonna's brow; recording area should be wide and take about 2/3 of record. Fake vinyl groove starts with Madonna's upper part of forehead; recording area is narrow and takes about 1/3 of record.

Original:  Fake: 


Side B run-out-groove

Groove should include only lower part of the letters ...OTI... (of full EROTICA); recording area should be wide and takes about 2/3 of the record. Back insert of the orginal issue is dark black. Fake vinyl groove starts around the middle of the record and includes lower part of the letters EROTI... (of full EROTICA). Fake back insert is rather dark grey.

Original:  Fake:  


Pressing plant

Original vinyl has run-out groove with visible sign of ORLAKE pressing plant. There is no ORLAKE on fake vinyl run-out groove.

Original: Fake: 



Original vinyl has a white square with black catalog numbers (W0138TP, 9362-40662-0) under Maverick logo; below you can find Sire and Warner Bros. logos. Fake vinyl has no white square with black catalog numbers; three logos are placed side by side.